5 Tips for Successful Quilting

My friend Anne started working on a quilt back in 1982 but she put it away when life got busy! This past weekend she finished her very first official quilt! Since Anne just finished her first quilt, some would think she is a complete amateur. But anyone who knows Anne, knows that she is one of the most creative people in all of Christian County, Kentucky! She may be relatively new to the world of quilting, but she has some great tips for successful quilting!

5 Tips for Successful Quilting

1. Take a class

Feel free to start quilting on your own, but taking classes definitely boosts the chances of success. That’s what happens when you go to classes, it’s a snow ball effect and you get motivated.

2. Make the Space

Designate an area for your quilting. That way you can work for 15 minutes or all day! I have to admit that I don’t have a space designated for quilting or crafting; most Moms with small kids only dream about a space like this. But it doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming!

annes workspace

3. Branch Out

Think outside the box with your patterns. Don’t feel the need to stick with a traditional quilt pattern. Recently Anne shared her Underground Railroad Sampler and now she is working on a t-shirt quilt. Anne took a tee shirt class last weekend where she started using her grandson’s tee shirts. She’s hoping to have it finished for his graduation. Keep watching to see that quilt come together!

tshirt quilt

4. Enjoy the Cold Nights

Take advantage of the weather extremes. Quilting is a perfect hobby for the cold winter nights when you just want to be inside. Anne says she sewed a lot when it got really hot and looks forward to the winter nights that will fly because of this creative interesting hobby!

5. Use the Scraps

Don’t throw away the ‘giblets’. Here is a table runner she is making for their Thanksgiving table. It didn’t cost a penny extra. It’s the ‘giblets’! That’s what she calls the small leftovers from the underground Railroad Quilt. The filler and backing came from the yellow quilt.

anne giblets table runner

Here’s Anne’s first official quilt! I loved the spontaneous pattern and the soft colors! Isn’t it gorgeous?

anne quilting

Long term quilters – what would you add to these tips? I’d love to hear your ideas and plans for your Winter Quilts!

Thanks Anne C for sharing these beautiful creations! I know your family is going to enjoy them for years to come!

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