Learning about Susan B Anthony: Rochester, NY


When we take a road trip, we are always on the lookout for places to stop and stretch that let us learn something historical about the area. Last summer when we were driving through Rochester, NY we saw a sign that told us that Rochester was the homeplace of Susan B Anthony for 40 years of her life. So, even though we didn’t have time to take a full stop, we knew we had to drive by and see her house.

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Learning about Susan B Anthony:  Rochester NY

Learning about Susan B Anthony: Rochester, NY

Who was Susan B Anthony?

Coin Collectors know her as the face of the dollar coin that was minted for only four years (1979,1980,1981,1999). Though the Susan B Anthony dollar coin didn’t last and was never as popular as many other coins due to the size being so close to a quarter, it is still a fun coin to collect. They make fun options for Christmas stockings and birthday because of their ready accessibility and low collector value. You can just request them at your local bank when you are making a deposit or withdrawal.

Did you know you can even buy Susan B Anthony coins from Amazon? Talk about a fun gift idea! Check out these Susan B Anthony coin proof sets for less than $20.00!

Learning about Susan B Anthony:  Rochester NY

All women should recognize her as a key part of the women’s suffrage movement giving us the right to vote. Though Anthony didn’t live to see women’s voting in the United States, she spent much of her adult life working toward equality.

Though we may not all agree on politics or the issues that face our nation, I am thankful that we have the right and the privilege of voting thanks to women like Susan B Anthony.

When we can put real life connections with people who impacted history and the places they lived and worked, we know that we are teaching our children things they can’t experience in a history book. There are some great biographies for the men and women who influenced American history. Check out this Susan B Anthony biography geared toward kids!

Learning about Susan B Anthony:  Rochester NY

Mural in Rochester featuring portraits of Susan B. Anthony. Nathaniel Rochester. Austin Steward. Frederick Douglass.

Visiting the Susan B Anthony Museum & Homeplace

Though we didn’t have time to tour the museum and homeplace, we still took the time to drive around the neighborhood to get a feel for where she lived and worked.

Learning about Susan B Anthony:  Rochester NY

We discovered a bonus landmark right around the corner. A sculpture of Frederick Douglass & Susan B Anthony sits in the middle of a small garden park. I jumped out and ran over to take a picture so we could talk about these two people who made such an impact on our history.

Learning about Susan B Anthony:  Rochester NY

The park’s focal point is a bronzed sculpture called “Let’s Have Tea.” The work portrays Ms. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, two early local champions of civil rights. The famous suffragist and abolitionist were close friends who shared the common goals of social justice and civil rights. Now they share a proud place in Rochester’s history.

1820 – Susan Brownell Anthony is born on February 15 in Adams, Massachusetts, the second of 7 children.

Connect with Susan B Anthony Museum

17 Madison Street
Rochester, NY 14608

Website | Facebook

Have you ever been to Rochester, NY? What do you know about Susan B Anthony? Do you collect the coins? Do you exercise your right to vote? I’d love to hear from you!

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