Last Frost to First Freeze

One of my garden goals is to have something blooming in my yard from the last frost to the first freeze. This does not happen in your yard the first year; it takes time to reach this goal. But with a little planning and some patience, you can create a place of beauty that lasts the entire season.

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Last Frost to First Freeze

There are some easy flowers that you can plant this season that will start to bring you color all throughout the growing season. Here are some of my favorites that are great for beginner gardeners.

Plant Bulbs

I love daffodils. They’re often the first hint of color in my yard at the end of winter. They come in various colors and can bloom as early as February and last for some years to the end of April. These are super easy to grow – just plant the bulbs in the fall and enjoy years of beautiful color each spring.

Other easy bulbs to grow that come back year after year are iris, crocus, and tulips. They come in so many colors and varieties that you can have beauty from the very last frost up until mid-spring.

Plant Perennials

Another great way to get color all season is to plant perennials which come back year after year. These plants just keep getting better each year. Some of my favorites are Hollyhocks, coneflowers, black-eyed Susan, lilies, and bee balm. There are so many perennials that also make great cut flowers. This means we get to enjoy color in the garden and the kitchen.

Plant Seeds for Cut Flowers

In my opinion, some of the best cut-flowers are grown from seed each year. Zinnias, cosmos, larkspur and sunflowers are some of my favorites. Tip: When the flowers are spent, collect the seeds to plant next year.

Get the Garden Ready for Birds

While planting the flowers and planning gardens, remember to think about the birds. There are many simple ways to create a bird-friendly environment. You can create a bird-friendly garden by adding bird baths, safe habitats and leaving flowers behind for seeds.

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Have you ever thought about growing flowers that are in bloom from the last frost to the first freeze? What is your favorite flower growing in your garden? I’d love to hear!

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