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Laptops, Tablets & Phones, Oh My!

Are your kids asking for the most expensive electronics for Christmas? How do you handle the Dear Santa lists that are focused on laptops, tablets and Phones? These items are not just on the list of the teenagers, these items are being requested by the young children as well. Do you give in and pay the big bucks for the elaborate electronics or do you look for other alternatives? Here are a few ideas to help you plan your Christmas list for the kids on your list.

What to do when your kids want the most expensive gifts

Laptops, Tablets and phones, Oh My!

What to do when your kids want the most expensive gifts!

Talk about Expectations NOW:

Kids don’t necessarily want or need the biggest gifts that they might be requesting. Our son has really been wanting a new handheld games system, but we know as parents that he would really have more fun with several small gifts instead of one big gift like the game system.
Since we know he’s not going to get the one game system he has asked for, we have talked to him about it and explained that we have some fun surprises that we (and Santa) are planning. He has completely come on board with our explanation and is already looking forward to the surprises we have planned.

Go beyond the Advertising:

Kids are often influenced by what they see on TV. I recently spoke to a mom whose son kept asking for a particular toy. This three year old didn’t even know what that toy was, but he had heard it on the kids TV channel and remembered the commercial jingle.

When our kids were little we would let them go through the toy aisle the first week of December and show us things they liked. After that, we didn’t take them near the toy aisle for the rest of the month. When commercials come on TV, we usually fast forward them so the kids aren’t influenced by what the advertisers want them to see.
There are some amazing toys available but I don’t want my kids to be influenced to buy something that an advertiser is trying to sell. I would rather buy the things that my kids will enjoy, purchased because I know what they will like.

Put Limits on your Spending:

I recently heard of parents who are tired of the commercialism of Christmas and have decided to take a different route. 4 gifts for Christmas: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Another family does 3 gifts for each child since that is what the wisemen brought to Jesus. In our family, we don’t do the set number of gifts, but we do keep close tabs on what we are spending and keep it well within our budget.

Give them time to be a Kid:

One problem with giving a small child all the expensive electronics, is that next year they will want something to top it. If an elementary child already has the best phone, TV or computer, what do they have to look forward to as they grow up? Let them enjoy the kid’s toys while they are young. They will grow up fast enough on their own. Just because they ask for an elaborate electronic, doesn’t mean that is the best gift to be under the tree.

As parents and grandparents, we really want to see the sparkle of the kid’s eyes on Christmas morning. We want them to have all the trappings and fun of gifts and new toys; but it is up to us to be wise and figure out the best gifts for each child.

Are you planning big electronic gifts for your kids or do you have other options in mind? I’d love to hear!

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