What’s in your Laptop Bag?

For the past 2 years, I have had the opportunity to do some solo travel for work. I have been to New York City, Minneapolis, Northwest Arkansas, flown through Houston, Nashville, Louisville and even gotten stranded in Chicago overnight. Though I don’t travel as much as some of you, I do know one thing – it’s crucial to pack your travel laptop bag with all the things you will need.

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What’s in your laptop bag?

There’s just something exciting about walking through an airport. People have places to go and things to accomplish. You can just feel the energy!

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But sometimes things go a little different than you plan. On one of my recent work trips, I experienced weather issues leaving NWA and got delayed. By the time I finally got to Chicago, all the planes leaving for home were cancelled. There I was – stranded in Chicago. Because of the weather delays, there were no hotels, no rental cars and no flights. I was stuck! Thanks to some great co-workers, I was able to find a place to sleep, enjoy a late meal and survive a potentially crazy night. sharon erin and samantha

But this experience taught me even more about the importance of planning for unforeseen delays and emergencies. Having the right things packed in your travel laptop bag is crucial.

Things to pack in your laptop bag:

  • Chargers for your phone and laptop
  • Portable Charger

battery-chargerPortable chargers are super affordable and really make a difference when you don’t want to get lost with no phone power. You can pick up a small portable charger that will help you avoid the dreaded feeling of being isolated with no way to contact family and friends. A portable charger costs less than $30 and can be the difference between staying connected and having a dead phone when you are on the road or traveling. We have a couple and keep them charged so they are ready for any of us when we head out the door.

How do they work? Simply use the USB cord to charge it on your computer before you head out on your trip. Then when you are out traveling, you can just plug in your phone and it will charge while you are on the go. I keep it in my purse while I travel so I can plug in my phone if the battery starts getting low.

  • Snacks
  • Something to Read
  • Lotion/Chapstick
  • Chewing Gum
  • Emergency Contact Information

Anytime I have delays in the airport, I immediately look for a place to plugin and recharge my devices. You never know when you will need to use your phone, and I never want to run out of power and be disconected.

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I received the Mountain Khakis Flat Pack to test on my most recent trip. There is a zippered, padded compartment for my laptop as well as other compartments inside the bag. I loved the size and capacity of the bag for my needs. I was able to easily store my extra chargers, cords as well as the small cross-body purse that I needed for going out to dinner.

Designed for minimalist outings, this super low-profile pack is all you need to get out the door. 15″ laptop compatible. Recycled climbing rope grab handle. Waxed canvas reinforcements with MK Topo map lining. Imported. Dimensions: 19.5″H x 11.5″W x 4″d. Volume: 13L.

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The padded shoulder straps make this a comfortable pack to carry on my back and I love the fact that there are 2 different zippered pouches inside the bag. This is now my go-to laptop travel bag when I need something to safely carry my laptop and my other pieces of gear needed for work travel.

laptop bag 5

laptop bag

What do you use to travel your laptop and gear when you travel? I’d love to hear!

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  1. If you want to talk about being stranded in an airport, you know you can call us! With standby flying, we have had many opportunities to be stranded, even overnight with a 3, 4 and 6 year old! In this case, finding rows of seating that is bolted together pushed up against the same kind of seating will allow a child to stretch all the way across (since the arms between seats don’t allow you to lie down that way). When killing time in airports with kids, we like to find all the escalators and moving sidewalks. Bonus if there is a declined ramp that you can let go of the stroller and let the kids pretend it is a roller coaster. Also, coloring books, games, and cards help pass time quickly. On the rare occasion that I am stranded without kids, I usually read. 🙂

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