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My Lanyard Maker Review

Making friendship bracelets is something that many generations have enjoyed. Sometimes its hard to keep the laces all going the right way when you make the bracelets the traditional way with a safety pin holding them in place. Here’s a great idea that makes it much easier to create lanyards, keychains, backpack pulls and bracelets. The Friendship Factory sent us this gadget called My Lanyard Maker.

My Lanyard Maker Review

My Lanyard Maker comes with the beads, key rings, backpack hooks and enough laces to create many different designs and projects. My daughter and I tried several different patterns.  It has drawers on both ends to store all the little pieces and laces so you can store it easily under a bed or in the closet without losing all the parts.

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We tried the boxknot pattern first.  This one uses 2 different color laces and a backpack pull.

The zipper design was definitely easier and faster than the box knot.  You use one color plastic lace and end up just pulling it back and forth – over and under.  My daughter enjoyed this pattern the most.  We made several different ones.


lanyard 3


We experimented with the next step up from the zipper pattern that used 2 different color laces.  It was a little more complex, but we were able to eventually figure it out.

Once we finished the basic pattern, my daughter enjoyed threading some beads through the end to give it some extra custom design.


lanyard 4
backpack pull
My only suggestion to improve this product would be to make the letters and numbers on each side out of a different color. The yellow fades into the background and makes it really hard to see where you are supposed to put your lace. I wish they could have made them a contrasting red or blue.


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