Know Before You Go LEGO KidsFest

Planning to go to LEGO KidsFest this year? We had the opportunity to attend opening night in Louisville, KY and had a fun time!  But I know there are some of you with a few questions.  Just for you I’ve come up with my list – Know Before You Go LEGO KidsFest!

Know before you go LEGO KidsFest

LEGO Kidsfest
  • Parking is $8.00.
  • Snap a picture of the parking area so you won’t forget where you parked.
  • Strollers are a welcome addition if you have small babies or children.
  • You can buy snacks and drinks (even pizza); but I saw people carrying small backpacks with water or snacks.
  • Prepare to do some walking, and then more walking.  There are chairs positioned around the building areas for you to sit and rest.
  • Head to the back FIRST and work your way toward the front.  When you first enter the area, just keep on walking and skip the initial LEGO creatures.  They are super cool, but everyone tries to get the pictures at the start of the show.  If you head to the back first, you will have less competition for the building tables.  Then by the time you get back to the front where all the big characters are, it will be cleared out and allow for better pictures.
  • If Chima is one of your favorites, hit it sooner than later.  The line got backed up pretty quickly.
  • There is a big yellow tent at the very front of the arena for “Lost Parents”.  Show this to your kids and tell them the procedure in case they get separated.    Make sure they know your cell phone number.
  • There are bathrooms clearly marked on each side of the arena.  They were clean and well maintained.  There was a baby changing area in the ladies restroom.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the arena on many tables.
  • Come ready to BUILD!  There are hundreds of spots available for the kids to build with their favorite series.
Come ready to build with LEGO Bricks!
Come ready to build with LEGO Bricks!
  • If you plan to buy anything from the LEGO marketplace, be prepared to wait in line.  That line backed up very quickly.
  • Make sure your camera battery is charged.  There are tons of great photo opps!
LEGO characters

The staff all had bright yellow staff shirts making them very easy to spot.  They were all super friendly and helpful.

LEGO KidsFest

Have you been to LEGO KidsFest? I’d love to hear your favorite part!

I received complimentary tickets for the purpose of our review.


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  1. Sharon, thank you for your review of the Lego Kids Fest. My daughter-in- law decided Sunday morning that it would be a good day trip for the kiddos (boy, 7 and girl 4). We especially appreciated your tip about the stroller even tho we used it most of the afternoon to carry our”stuff”! Your review helped us as we knew what to expect when we arrived at the “best place ever”-according to one happy little boy!

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