Kids, Diet Coke and Mentos

You’ve probably seen the Diet Coke – Mentos Experiment all over the internet. Last year, it was really popular. My kids are old enough now to be ready to take on some great basic science experiments. So yesterday, we took a Diet Coke outside to the snow covered picnic table, gave them some mentos and turned them loose. Kids, Diet Coke and Mentos makes for some great fun!

Kids, Diet Coke and Mentos

My son loosened the top on the Diet Coke, dropped in a Mentos and immediately the explosion happened. The other two kids tried to add more Mentos but it was too late at that point. We want to try it again and drop in more Mentos and see if we can get the Coke to spray higher.

Curious why it works? Check out Steve Spangler Science to get full directions and explanations.

It’s one thing to see something like this on Mythbusters or on Youtube, but it’s quite another experience to actually try it yourself.

Here’s Adam and Jamie from Mythbuster talking about why they think this effect happens:

The kids are already talking about how to make it even better next time. And I’m thinking we’ll have to get out some corn starch tomorrow and have fun some with it. Or maybe borax?

Have you tried this? How high did your Coke explode?

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