Kentucky Old State Capitol Tour Tips


I have lived in Kentucky my whole life and visited the city of Frankfort multiple times. I’ve even toured the State Capitol, but until last week I’ve never been inside the Kentucky Old State Capitol. On a recent trip to Frankfort, I checked that off my Kentucky bucket list when we toured the Kentucky Historical Society. Thanks to tour guide Roger for sharing some interesting trivia information and making our tour so memorable.

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Kentucky Old State Capitol Tour Tips

Each of the tours is guided by a museum volunteer who knows the history of the Old State Capitol. Our tour guide Roger did a great job bringing the history of the location and architecture of the building to life.

Govenor William Goebel Claim to Fame

The statue of Governor William Goebel stands in front of the KY Old State Capitol and serves as a reminder of this piece of Kentucky history.

Kentucky’s 34th Governor was the only Governor to be assassinated – Northern Kentucky’s own William Goebel of Covington. In addition to being the only Kentucky who was assassinated, he was the only Kentucky Governor who never married.

Place where Kentucky Govenor Goebel was shot

Not only can you see the place he was shot, but our tour guide told us about where the shooter was positioned. If you go to the Kentucky Historical Society Museum, you can see the actual jacket the Governor was wearing when he was shot.

Old State Capitol Architecture

I am not very knowledgable in the topic of architecture but I do appreciate beautiful design. The unique self-supporting staircase is a beautiful place for photographs and a chance to learn about the Kentucky native architect Gideon Shryock.

Self Supporting Staircase at KY Old State Capitol

Tour of the Old State Capitol

The tour takes you through each of the rooms of the Old State Capitol. The library had a fascinating story behind the featured desk. Could there be a secret compartment hidden that no one has ever found? Don’t know about you, but I think that could make another great sequel to National Treasure. They could call it National Treasure: Old State Capitol Secrets

Kentucky Old State Capitol Library

Learn about the Senate & House Chambers as you continue your tour upstairs.

Old State Capitol Senate & House Chambers

Be amazed at the ornate detail of the original chandeliers.

Old State Capitol Chandelier

Enjoy the artifacts still on display in the Coatroom and old library.

Old State Capitol CoatRoom & Exhibits

Have you ever visited the Old State Capitol? What do you love the most? I’d love to hear!

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