Kentucky Derby Hats for Kids


It’s Kentucky Derby week! That means that many kindergarten classes are preparing for their big race day on Friday. Teachers are making stick horses; parents are scrambling to help their kids craft the best Derby hats and everyone is ready for the biggest horse race of the year. Anyone attending the Kentucky Derby knows that having the right hat is a big deal. Here’s some inspiration for the kids Derby hats. Whether you prefer the traditional route and decorate with flowers and bows or attach plastic horses, money or jockeys we’ve got some ideas for you!


Derby Hats for Kids

Derby Hats for the Girls

Making a pretty hat for the girls is usually easy. You can take a simple Easter hat and attach some pretty flowers or bows. But here are a few ideas to help you get started thinking. Don’t just do one thing. Add some baubles, pretty accessories, buttons or extras to make the hat really pop!

deby hat pink purple
derby hat purple
deby hat white

Or if they prefer a cowboy hat, just add a big bow and some plastic horses:


Kentucky Derby hats for Boys

Boys usually like something a little different. You can take the basic ball cap and add some fun decorations to the bill.

derby hat for boys

See the full tutorial for this Derby hat.

Kindergarten derby hat

Really think outside the box and create a birds nest on the hat! or a volcano!


Derby Hat Crafts

If you are ready to venture out a little farther and get more creative, you can always melt a styrofoam cup and create some really cool Derby hats! Just make sure you watch the stove carefully while they melt! Click over to Pinterest to see some amazing Styrofoam Derby Hats!

Are you making Derby hats for kids this year? I’d love to see your creations!

All hats and pictures are used with express permission.

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