Just Breathe Mug Press Gift Idea


I think we can all agree that life can get pretty crazy. Sometimes we just need a reminder to breathe. There’s a great song that reminds me to “Just Breathe…. Come and Rest at His Feet“. I decided this would be a great mug to create with the Cricut Mug Press. I used the Splash Pad Infusible Ink and printed this gift mug to share with my friend.

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Just Breathe Mug Press Gift Idea

This Cricut Mug Press idea is a perfect personalized gift for that friend in your life who has three million things happening and needs a reminder of “Who” gives rest. Create the mug for yourself or share it with a friend for a birthday or holiday gift.

Materials Needed


  • Create your image or use my free design here.
  • Print and weed out the excess design.
  • Attach your design to the Cricut mug with the heat safe tape.
  • Insert the mug into the Mug Press.
  • Let the mug cool completely.
  • Remove the design.

Who would you share this design with or would you keep it for yourself? What is your favorite Mug press idea so far? I’d love to see what you are making this week!

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