My Journey toward Clutter Free Living

Do you have too much stuff in your life? I’m not sure why this has become such an important thing for me to get rid of this excess stuff, but I’m very focused on culling out the things in my life I don’t need. Join me in this journey toward clutter-free living and let’s find ways to get the extra baggage out of our lives.

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My Journey toward Clutter Free Living

I used to like collecting stuff. I have gone through different stages where I collected things. There was the time I collected Campbell’s Soup everything for my kitchen. I collected pianos at one point in my life since I love the instrument. I have collected toys for the kids at various stages (because it was never enough to have just some of the Fisher Price Little People or Weebles toys!) I’ve collected vintage book sets and state patches. But I’m at a new point in my life. I have been working to recognize those phrases that tie us to stuff and am asking better questions now.

Do I need it? Do I love it? If the answer is not YES to those two questions, I’m selling, donating or getting rid of this extra stuff.

Join me in this journey toward clutter free living by tackling small areas of our home each week. Today, I’m working through CLOTHES.

#1: Kids Dress Up Bucket

If you have a bucket full of costumes for the kids, it may be time to take a quick look and see if the kids can still wear the outfits. Take 10 minutes and see if you still need all the costumes that you are storing. We found a bag of costumes that the kids had outgrown that was perfect for the nephews plus another big bag of costumes pieces that were worn out and trash. We no longer need them, so we’re getting rid of the extras.

Real Life Tip: Store your kids costumes in a stackable tote box and make sure you label it clearly. We love our Brother label maker that helps us know exactly what is in each tote.

#2: My seasonal clothes

You’ve probably heard people talk about the one year rule. If you haven’t worn something in the past 12 months, you probably don’t need to keep it. Of course, there are exceptions (like the wedding dress or winter coat that only comes out when there is a foot of snow). But the other things like the sweater that is no longer in style or the boots that fit but just aren’t comfortable or flattering that need to go.

I’ve already been to the thrift store twice and am working on my next box. I would rather have a donation receipt for next year’s taxes than these clothes stuffed in my closet on the shelves.

#3: The Kids Next Size Up Buckets

Do you have those next size up buckets? When the kids were little they were perfect. I always had the next size toddler clothes stored back in plastic totes with a label telling me what was stored in the bucket. When the seasons changed, I could just pull out the bucket and just like that – they had a new updated wardrobe. But my kids are too old for that now. So I’ve been going through the buckets and figuring out what is still worth storing and what needs to go.

Just because the shoes could potentially still fit them when they get to that size, will they want them? Possibly not. Some of these things are going to the donation pile.

#4: Winter Coats & Gloves

Kids grow fast and the winter coats and gloves take up lots of space. Go through your pile of winter coats and gloves to see what needs to be discarded. Check with your local resource center or homeless shelter to see if they have room to store them for next year. If you can’t find the match to the gloves, then it should no longer be stored in your house. No sense taking up space on the off chance that you will find the missing glove next winter. Will the coats fit the kids next winter? If not, donate! If the coat will still fit, but it’s not in good condition, save one for winter snow play. Then put a note to go shopping now while coats are probably going on clearance for the size they will need next year.

What area of your home are you tackling to journey toward clutter free living? I’d love to hear your tips!

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