3 Journal Options to Record your Life Story

Do you keep a journal of your life? Do you take the time each day to write the story of your life? I’ve tried different types of journals, diaries and planners throughout my life and usually they get written for a few days or weeks and then I take a break for months or even years. There are many reasons that people write a journal, but the basic practice of saving your thoughts on paper for future generations is something that everyone should think about. Here are 3 journal options to record your life story.


3 Journal Options to Record your Life Story

Traditional Diary

My daughter loves to record the story of her life in a fuzzy, monster diary. She takes it with us when we go on adventures and writes down her thoughts about our road trips. It’s been neat to watch her diligently record her thoughts and feelings about the events through her eyes. I don’t pressure her to write in the diary. She may go several weeks without writing in the diary; but then I will see her working hard to catch up on some of the happenings from her life.


Random Scrap Notes

My Mom started out writing a notebook for each of us kids, then when life got busy she would just jot down thoughts on scraps of paper and dropped them in a hope chest. When I got married she gave me the notebook so I could read the story of my growing up life. Then I gave it back to her so she could write more thoughts as I continued to grow up into adulthood.

Sometimes I write notes to my kids on my computer when they do something I want to remember. It’s not a traditional journal or diary, but it works for my life since I spend so much time on the computer anyway.

One Line a Day Journal


I recently discovered the “One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book“. This is a five year notebook that gives you the opportunity to write just a simple line about your day. Then next year you will write a journal entry about the same day. I love the idea of looking at the same day for five years in a row.

The Story of My Life

I love the way The Piano Guys have taken the popular song “The Story of My Life” and created this music video:

Whether you choose to record the story of your life in a daily journal, scraps of paper or on a blog, I hope you are capturing your life’s story for future generations.

Do you journal? I’d love to hear how you record the story of your life.

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