JOLLY TIME Popcorn Snacks

What is the go-to snack in your house? For us, it’s popcorn! We love tossing a bag in the microwave or using the hot air popper. It is convenient, tasty and just about as healthy as anything else we can snack on. Since October is Natural Popcorn Month and this week is Halloween, we decided to make up a super simple Popcorn snack using two of our favorite snacks – JOLLY TIME Popcorn and Reese’s Pieces Chocolates!
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JOLLY TIME Popcorn Snacks


For our JOLLY TIME Popcorn and Reese’s Pieces snack we popped up some popcorn using our hot air popper.


We melted some of the Reese’s Pieces in our microwave for about 2 minutes so the chocolate and peanut butter would be a little gooey.

jolly time reeses

Once Reese’s Pieces were soft and gooey, we tossed the popcorn and chocolates together.



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