Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Fairfield, California

Who loves Jelly Bellies as much as we do? Raise your hand and take a minute to think about your favorite flavor! Is it cotton candy, buttered popcorn, Krispy Kreme or Dr Pepper? Whatever your favorite flavor, the best place to enjoy the famous jelly bean candies is at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California. This FREE tour is a must see destination for all Jelly Belly fans!

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Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Fairfield, California

Last Fall we took the opportunity to visit the Jelly Belly Warehouse right outside Chicago, Illinois in Pleasant View, Wisconsin. The FREE warehouse tour was a fun experience and reminded us how much we all love Jelly Bellies! So when we realized we were going to be just a short drive from the main factory on our California Road Trip, we knew this was a must see destination.

jelly Belly Factory Fairfield California

Visiting the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield is a FREE experience for all ages. When you arrive at the Factory, you simply get in line and get ready for a walk around the working factory. Each person is given a Jelly Belly hat to wear on your tour.

You start your tour with a brief film welcoming you to the factory and giving a brief overview of the history of the Jelly Belly brand. As soon as this ends, you start your self guided tour around the balcony above the factory.

Along the way you are given a bird’s eye look at how the Jelly Bellies are made – from start to finish!

jelly Belly Factory Fairfield California

We have always been facsinated by the TV show “How It’s Made” and this factory tour is just like a real live version of that show. You can see the people adding the syrup to the mixers, the automated machines sorting the trays and the colorful beans being loaded and sorted into boxes ready for the consumer.

One of the things that everyone should stop and enjoy is the Jelly Belly artwork. We have seen the art pieces in Wisconsin and even the orginal portrait at the Reagan Presidential Library and on this trip we got to see more (including some pretty amazing Star Wars characters!) It’s fascinating to see how someone can create a realistic portrait using Jelly Bellies!

Jelly Belly Portraits

Things to Know about the Jelly Belly Tour

  • No food or drink on the tour.
  • The tour is FREE.
  • You don’t reserve tickets.  Just pick them up when you arrive.  In my experience, it is always better to arrive early for tours that are FREE.  You don’t want to be the last person standing in the line.
  • The tour is self-guided and takes you along an elevated, ¼ mile long tour lane to give you a bird’s-eye view of the process.
  • You can recycle your tour hat when you are done if you don’t want to keep it as a souvenir.

  • There is a sample bar in the souvenir gift shop.  Each person can choose three different flavors to sample.  This is a great opportunity to try some of the new 0r more unique flavors.
Jelly Belly Sample Bar
  • The souvenir shop offers all sizes, flavors and varieties for you to purchase.  We love having Jelly Bellies in the car on a road trip.  It is a simple, non–messy snack that offers a pretty smart choice for road trip munchies!
  • When you are done with the tour, everyone receives a sample bag of Jelly Bellies!

Find the Jelly Belly Factory

1 Jelly Belly Lane, Fairfield, CA
Located halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento off I-80 and Highway 12
(only 1 1/2 hour from San Jose Airport!)


Love Jelly Bellies? You need to check out the Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour in Pleasant View, Wisconsin.

Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour
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