January Gardening Progress

January has been full of snow and lots of cold weather. I’ve spent some time in the greenhouse but have also tried intentionally growing things inside. Having flowers and plants growing in the winter is good for me in so many ways. I’m also reading more blog posts, books, and articles to help me learn and discover new plants and techniques and help give me a better chance at success when growing indoor plants.

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January Gardening Progress

Remember back in December when I told you that the zipper broke on my greenhouse? I did replace it and it only ‘kind of fits’. At this point, I don’ recommend buying a replacement cover for a plastic greenhouse. The zipper will only zip on one side so I still have a bit of a draft. On sunny days though, the double plastic cover does hold the heat and it gets nice and toasty. I can’t wait till I can build a real greenhouse with glass windows and do a bit more with controlled heating. But for now, I enjoy the setup I have.

I lost several of my peas, beans, and lettuce but a few survived the recent snows. This week I’m going to plant more seeds and try again in the trays.

Indoor Garden

I decided to try several different garden lighting areas. I have some herbs that I am rooting in my kitchen window. Right now the lavender and rosemary are starting to root but the avocado hasn’t done a thing yet. I’m still waiting for it to show any progress at all.

Calico Kitten*

I inherited an extra fluorescent shop live that I plugged in over my craft counter so I moved this plant down under that light. This seems to be a good spot for the clearance plant that I purchased last November. I think this is called a ‘calico kitten’ and am not sure if it supposed to be purple or green, but it is growing, so I’m calling this is a winter win.

*I’m not 100% sure this is a Calico Kitten plant, but I think so. Let me know if you think differently.

I brought in some daffodils from my yard and have several other plants that I am growing under a grow light. I’m getting a little concerned about my daffodils because they are growing so tall but the buds are starting to turn a bit brown instead of opening. I’m not sure if they will bloom or if they are experiencing some trauma from the transplant.

One other experiment that I am doing this month is growing some seeds in a try on a heating mat under another lamp. So far, I do have some seeds that have germinated so I’m excited to see what happens with them next.

How to Garden Indoors & Grow Your Own Food Year Round

How to Garden Indoors & Grow Your Own Food Year Round is a great resource that will help you learn how to grow fresh food in your home all year long. There are projects to get you started growing vegetables, microgreens, and herbs using grow lights and hydroponics as well as the natural light in your home. The book has resources for where to buy the right gear as well as ways to save money and create your own indoor gardening system.

With sections and tips on composting, working with grow lights, choosing a growing space, container gardening for both root and above-ground vegetables, keeping your soil balanced and nutrient-rich, and so much more, this must-have resource gives you everything you need to know about successful indoor food production and how to maximize your indoor space!

Are you actively growing anything this month or are you taking the time off to plan for the warmer season? I may not be good at it…yet…. but I sure am loving the process!

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