It’s the Simple Things

Have you ever gotten out of balance where your focus is just a bit ‘off’? Maybe it’s time to refocus on what really matters – get back to the simple things that make life special. It’s not the extravagant vacations, expensive gifts, or elaborate experiences – it’s the simple things! The things we remember most are often those small moments when life just makes sense because you’re doing something that matters with the people you love. Here are a few of the things that I am focusing on this spring to keep me focused on simple things.

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It’s the Simple Things

Get Back to the Roots

Over the past few years, I have become more focused on getting back to the roots of life like gardening, canning, and creating things from the basic ingredients. I have taught myself to make homemade salves, jellies and have started working on making butter, sourdough starter, and growing things from roots and tubers. Not all of these attempts have been a success and not everything makes it to the blog, but it’s a fun journey of learning things that our grandparents did every day.

Use the Special Things

Do you have special things that you have inherited that are stored in a hope chest or closet? What are you saving these things for? Recently I pulled out a few of these family pieces of history so I can enjoy them in my daily life. For years, I kept Grandma’s doll quilt and Wedgewood jewelry tray stored in a tote box. But now I am using them as part of my daily life. True, the Wedgewood might get chipped if I use it every night for my earrings and bracelets or the quilt may see more dust than if it’s stored away, but I love enjoying the memories each day.

Plant Seeds

There’s nothing more rewarding than planting seeds and watching them grow. I have a small unheated greenhouse that allows me to grow throughout the cool months. But now that the temperatures are warming up, it’s time to increase my planting and get ready for full gardening season.

Take Your Lunch Break

I read something a while back that has really stuck with me. No matter what your job is, you don’t get paid enough to skip paid time off, work through lunch every day, or after hours. Sometimes it’s necessary to put in the extra time at work because of a deadline or important task, but for the most part, take your lunch break and do something you enjoy.

Go for a Night Hike

Who says you can’t enjoy a night hike? One of the reasons people don’t go for a walk after dark is that they can’t easily see where they are going but there’s nothing quite like getting outside after the sun goes down. Replace the batteries on your existing flashlights and go for a walk. You can also get a really cool flashlight that goes around your neck and gives you plenty of light while keeping your hands free.

The Buddy Neck Speaker Light is a cool gadget that makes it easy to go for a night hike around the neighborhood. Turn on the small flashlights around your neck and keep your hands free to tuck in your pocket or hold the hand of someone special.

There are several bonus features to the Buddy Beat Neck Speaker Light. You can listen to your favorite music or talk on the phone without having something in your ears. This is a great bonus that helps you stay aware of your surroundings yet gives you access to music, podcast or people. When you are done with your night walk around the neighborhood, use the Buddy Beat Neck Speaker Light to let you read a book in bed without having to turn on a lamp.

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Do Something Crafty

Sometimes the most basic crafts are the ones I enjoy the most. Last week, I pulled out a can of buttons and made some garden decorations to add a touch of whimsy to my flower pots. The craft didn’t cost me any money because I used the things I already had. The simple button trees and flower stakes were not difficult but were extremely satisfying and just plain fun.

What are you planning today to help you focus on the simple things? I’d love to hear how you keep the sparkle in your eyes and the satisfaction of enjoying the moments in life that really matter!

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