It’s More than Just Blackberries

Picking blackberries on the farm in the middle of summer is one of my favorite things to do. There’s just something super satisfying about watching the bucket fill with blackberries that are going to be turned into homemade muffins, cobblers, and jellies. But there’s more to picking blackberries than just the berries.

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It’s More than Just Blackberries

Picking blackberries takes time. You just can’t rush the picking process when the vines are covered with thorns. The first time you start picking blackberries you may try to reach in and pick a whole handful at one time. But this is a self-correcting situation. All it takes is a couple of thorns in your fingers to make you realize that you want to slow down and pick one at a time.

By slowing down to enjoy the process, you get time to chat with the others that are picking with you. This is a great opportunity to really just connect with your friends or family members.

When you pick blackberries on your own, you get to listen to the birds chirping in the trees nearby. If you happen to have your phone out at the right time, you might even get to catch a quick glimpse of a baby fawn crossing your path.

I admit that it’s not easy to wear gloves when you pick berries so I often opt to just go slow and try to avoid the thorns. But I do love wearing my Farmers Defense arm protectors so that I can reach in among the brambles.

I’ve been able to get out and pick blackberries at the farm several times this summer and have several jars of jelly ready for winter as well as a few bags frozen for winter muffins and pies. Maybe there will be a few still ready to pick when I get out to the farm this next week.

Do you love picking berries? Are you on a mission when you go picking or do you enjoy just taking your time to enjoy the experience?

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