“It Is What It Is” Tote Bag Gift with Cricut Vinyl


Have you ever realized you need a last minute gift for someone special? Did you know you can create a personal tote bag using your Cricut in just 30 minutes? One of the phrases that has been repeated many times these past few months is “It Is What It Is” so I decided to turn this phrase into a quick gift idea!

And everyone loves llamas, right? This one makes me smile everytime I see him, so of course, it gets to be part of the design!

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“It Is What It Is” Tote Bag Gift with Cricut Vinyl

If you have created very many projects with vinyl, you probably have several rolls and colors in your supply box. By keeping a few blank tote bags on hand, you can easily create a gift in just 30 minutes.

Pick Your Design

Cricut has so many fun ideas for fonts, files and images, so feel free to create your own or click here to use my design.


  • Print the design on iron on vinyl (remember to mirror your design before printing)
  • Weed out the excess vinyl
  • Use your Easy Press Iron to transfer the design to your tote bag
  • Hint: Insert the Easy Press mat inside the tote bag to make it easier to iron on the design.
  • Let cool and peel off the plastic

Fill the bag with some fun fuzzy socks, blanket, new book or some snacks and you are set with a personal gift for someone special!

You can order Tote Bags on Amazon or watch for them at your local discount or box stores.

Looking for other ideas for decorating blank tote bags? Check out these great ideas!

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