Iron-On Designs for Baseball Hats

With all of us spending time at home, it’s a great time to get crafty with the things we already have in our home. I pulled out a couple of baseball hats and decided to add a personalized message. Here’s how to customize a plain baseball hat using the Cricut Mini Easy Press and iron-on vinyl!

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New to vinyl? Check out this one stop guide for everything you need to get started with Cricut iron-on. What tools you’ll need. Best practices for weeding your material. Tools and tips for adhering iron-on to your base project.

Kelly’s Cricut Quick Start Vinyl Guide

Iron-On Designs for Baseball Hats

Materials Needed

Create your Design

Use your Cricut program (or phone app) to create your design.  Just take a look in your closet and find a couple of plain baseball hats.

Measure your hat and decide how big you want your project to be. 

Your design does not need to be a complex work of art.  I chose a  simple phrase that reminds me that I may not be able to travel right now, but I’m ready to go as soon as safely possible!

Select your Vinyl

You can buy iron-on vinyl in every color and variation.  For this project, I chose a simple one-color design for one hat and then tried some holographic dots for my 2nd hat. *Check out this link to help you know where to buy cricut vinyl.

Cut Your Vinyl Design

When you are pleased with your design, then proceed to the cut stage.  Don’t forget to mirror your image before you cut so you can then iron it on your canvas bag. Click the make it button on the Circuit design program and follow the steps to cut the vinyl.

Weed the excess Vinyl

When the design is cut, you will peel off the extra vinyl so your design is still on the paper.  Use a weeding tool to remove any small pieces (like the o’s and a’s, etc).

Apply the Design

Use your Cricut Mini Easy Press to heat the hat and then place your iron on vinyl design face down where you want to apply it. You can definitely use your iron or regular Easy Press but this mini Easy Press is super convenient for jobs like this! If it doesn’t adhere the first time, then just apply a little more heat and pressure.

Most vinyl suggests that you let it cool before removing the plastic but you should check the recommendations here before proceeding.

Display with pride

When you are done, enjoy showing off your custom hat on your next video meeting this week.

Though the vinyl is considered permanent, it is basically a fancy sticker.  Treat the hat with gentle love when you need to clean it and wash by hand if necessary.

Have you personalized any hats?  Got any tips to make the process even better?  I’d love to hear!

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