Instant Gift Options When You Can’t Be Together

How do you send an instant gift when you can’t be together with your family and friends? If you are looking for easy ways to share the holiday spirit of giving but can’t physically be together, consider these instant options. These are also great ideas for those last-minute gifting occasions when you need something fast!

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Instant Gift Options When You Can’t Be Together

Restaurant Gift Cards on Amazon

When someone lives far away, you sometimes want the opportunity to treat them to a special meal. Did you know you can send gift cards to your favorite restaurants via email or text? You can easily log in to and search for the restaurant’s name and “e-mail delivery” to find what you are looking for. The gift card can be delivered instantly via email.

Restaurant Gift cards via App

If you use the restaurant’s app, then you can typically send egift cards through the app. Restaurants like Domino’s Dunkin and Starbucks make it super easy! Just log in to your account and select “give a gift” to text egift cards to a friend or family member.

Send DoorDash

If your friend or family member loves to have food delivered right to their front porch, then a DoorDash gift card may be the perfect gift. You can send a gift card for one meal or buy a DashPass if your family uses DoorDash regularly to help them save on delivery fees all year.

Send Instant Money

There are times when money is the best gift. Did you know you can send money through Paypal or Venmo that is received instantly? The recipient can do a standard transfer with no fee or do an instant transfer to their bank account and have the amount reduced by a small percentage.

Send Nintendo eShop Cards

If you have a gamer that you want to send the gift of digital fun, then purchase a Nintendo eShop card from Amazon, BestBuy or Gamestop. This will allow your family or friend to purchase the game of their choice.

This is a great gift idea for young and old. Send a Nintendo egift card and your friend or family can choose their favorite new game. Here’s a fun educational game the kids on the other end may love to purchase with your Nintendo egift card!

Dinosaur Discovery – a kid friendly dino fact filled adventure that is designed for younger players featuring simplified controls, and the opportunity for children to safely explore ARK Island without violence or complex gameplay mechanics. Dinosaur Discovery comes with illustrated Dino Books that are unlocked as you progress in the game. The books are packed with dinosaur information and facts all narrated to your children by the voice of HLN-A (Madeleine Madden). Dinosaur Discovery is sold as a stand-alone game and is also included in the massive ARK: Survival Evolved game for Switch.

ARK: Dinosaur Discovery

Do Grocery Pickup

If groceries are the best gift idea for the occasion, then log in to your account and place an order through Kroger, Walmart, or your store of choice. You can choose all their favorites and have them notified when the order is ready for pickup.

What are other ways you have found to deliver instant gifts of comfort, money, food and fun when the people you love live far away? I’d love to hear!

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