Infusible Ink Mug Ideas


This weekend my daughter Natalie Renee is singing and leading worship at a women’s conference. We decided this was a perfect time to make some infusible ink mugs and cups to share with some of the attendees. I love when my hobbies and real life intersect. We get the fun of making some new mugs with all the beautiful colors and patterns of infusible ink and she gets to work on growing her email newsletter list at the conference.

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Infusible Ink Mug Ideas

One of the fun parts of creating infusible ink with sublimation blanks is how each pattern can create a totally unique look. For this weekend’s event, we did several mugs with the same design but different infusible ink sheets. Don’t you love how they turned out?

Now we can take them in a garden basket and use them for door prizes at the conference.

Materials Needed

  • Infusible Ink Sheets
  • Sublimation Mugs
  • Heat Safe Tape
  • Mug Press or Mug Machine
  • Cricut Joy or Maker


  • Create your design in Cricut Design Space
  • Cut and Print with your Cricut Joy or Maker
  • Weed out the excess
  • Use heat-safe tap to attach your design to the sublimation mug
  • Process in the Mug Press or Mug Machine for the allotted time
  • Wait a few minutes and let the mug cool down so you can remove the infusible ink paper
  • Enjoy your new mugs

Connect with Natalie Renee.

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