Inexpensive Gadgets for Fall Fun


Everybody loves a new gadget to play with and make life fun. With the seasons changing and the temperature starting to come down, people will be heading out to the backyard to sit by the fire or enjoy some time on the front porch rocking chair. Here are a few inexpensive gadgets that you probably have never heard of but will have a lot of fun with this fall.

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Inexpensive Gadgets for Fall Fun

Inexpensive Gadgets for Fall Fun

Light Up Cup Koozie

Have you ever been sitting around the campfire or on the back porch with a bottle of water or a can of soda and didn’t know where it went in the dark? Here is a problem solver and a fun solution. This SlapLit LED Drink Wrap for beverages will cycle from solid light to flashing light. Never lose a bottle water down by the fire again.

Cost: less than $15

Light Up Ice Cube

This small plastic ice cube lights up with this small push the button. It is waterproof so you can put it in a cooler and make sure your guest can find their drinks when they are digging through your soda products. Or drop it in the bottom of the bag so you can find your ingredients for S’more‘s. If the battery dies simply switch out the CRV battery and you’re ready.

Giant Gear Tie

If cooler weather of fall has you heading to the garage to do some fall cleaning, then you might need something to get your water hose off the ground. This simple giant gear tie could be exactly what you’re looking for. Just roll up your water hose, hope the tire around it and loop it over a hook on your wall. Problem Solved!

Cost less than $10

Giant Gear Tie

Clip Cord Organizer

How many people always find your earphones continuously in a knot? If you’re like me I spend time every day looking for these little bitty earphones only to find them in knots. The simple earphone organizer clips to your keychain and let you keep them organized and available.

Cost: less than Five dollars

All of these gadgets are super cheap and solve a problem with a simple product. Which one of these is your favorite? Looking for more gadgets that you didn’t know existed but now you need to own? Check out this list.

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