5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Are you ready to do some home decorating but don’t want to spend alot of money? No problem! Just use these easy tips to get started turning your tired house into a fresh new home! But don’t be fooled, the tips may be easy – but it’s going to take some work!

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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Buy Thrift Store Furnishings

Purchasing items from a thrift store is a great way to save money while making practical use out of pre-owned items. These items can include anything from inexpensive art pieces to unique lamps and vases. Even larger furniture items, such as loveseats and coffee tables, can be purchased at reasonable prices. These used pieces are a great way to give any living space a vintage flare.

Create it yourself

People who have artistic talent will especially find this tip useful, but even people who are less than stellar in the art department can benefit from making their own pieces. Pottery works, pillows and even curtains can be made at home with the use of helpful tutorials. Cheap glass bowls can be filled with colorful potpourri to create a beautiful centerpiece. Even painting and framing unique pictures or taking simple photographs to put on display can inexpensively enhance the appearance of any room.

Buy Cheap Paint

Repainting walls to fit a design scheme is a great way to inject new life into a home, but many people will feel obligated to overpay for their paint choices just to get the job done. One great way to save money is to buy mismatched paint from a hardware store, provided that a person is not too picky about their color choice. This kind of paint has been shelved because a previous customer found that the color did not meet their liking once the paint was mixed. Since mismatched paint can be a hard sell, stores will usually offer this kind of paint to other customers at a much cheaper price.

Use Linens to Add Color

Using cheap and rarely used linens lying around the house can add a burst of color to a home’s interior. These items may include scarves, tablecloths and pillowcases. Fabrics can even be found cheap at fabric stores. These pieces can be placed on top of tables, shelves and dressers to give a more sophisticated and colorful appearance.

Accessorize with Vegetation

Exotic plants and radiant floral arrangements can easily be used as decorating accessories in a home. These pieces can be purchased inexpensively at a store, or a person can save even more money by growing seeds in pots. Another idea is to use faux plants and flowers purchased at a discount store. Plants and flowers can be placed on top of tables and in certain corners of rooms to give the home a greener and more inviting feel.

Decorating a home certainly does not have to be overly expensive and these tips can help slash the cost of a decorating job. Budget-friendly knowledge and creativity are the keys to decorating a home on the cheap. The accomplishment of thoroughly decorating a home and saving money will provide a long-term sense of appreciation for a living space.

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