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Create your own Image 3D Reel


What kind of souvenirs do you collect when you travel to unique vacation destinations? My husband has been fascinated with ViewMaster reels for a long time. We have quite a collection of the little circular slides. We picked up several when the kids were young and have bought more at souvenir gift shops over the years. But recently we found that you can design your own Image 3D reel with pictures from your own albums.


Create your own Image 3D Reel

Image 3D allows you pick 7 images from your computer.  Creating the reel is very easy.  You simply upload the images to the online program. Once you upload your images, you can flip through the images to see how they will look.  I do recommend that you upload full size images rather than the smaller images from facebook or social media.  I am very happy with my 3d Reel, but I do wish I had used pictures with the higher resolution so they would be clearer and more focused.

You can name your reel and pick the picture you want to appear as the center image.  There are sliders so you can adjust the text, color, and location on the center field.
image reel cd cover
Once you have approved your design, you place your order and wait for it to arrive in the mail.  The delivery time was pretty quick and they sent email notifications along the way so I knew when they had processed and shipped my order.


If you purchase 1 reel with the viewer, then you are going to pay around $30.00.  If you purchase multiple sets, then the price gets cheaper.  If you already have your own viewer, you can purchase just the reel for around $20.00.  This would be a fun gift to give for a family reunion or special event.

See all pricing options here.

image 3d

Choose your Viewer Color:

When you place your order, you get to choose the color for your viewer! You can even have a custom message printed on the viewer if you wish!

These image reels have been around a long time.  My kids may have outgrown some of the slides we have in our collection, but we won’t be getting rid of any of them.  We have everything from classic Mickey Mouse and Muppet babies to Dora, Clifford, Rock City and zoo animals.  Now we are able to add our own vacation memories to our collection.  This is definitely something that will be a fun memory for years to come.

Did you know you can make your own Image 3D reel like this?  What would your reel be like?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. I think these are neat, Ilove that you can personalize them to your likes, I think it is a great idea whose time has come and would be fun to share at family parties and gatherings.

  2. This seems like such a great idea. I love how you can customize everything. This really makes me want to get one for my girls. Thanks for the review.

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