“I’m Just Here for the Pie” Mug Press Idea

Do you love baking? Are you the dessert queen who creates mouth-watering pies, cakes, and cookies? Or maybe you have a friend who takes flour, baking soda, sugar, butter, and a few other ingredients to turn out amazing treats each holiday season. Whether you choose to make this “I’m Just Here for the Pie” Cricut Infusible Ink Mug for yourself or give it to your friend, this is a fun way to celebrate the love for cooking.

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“I’m Just Here for the Pie” Mug Press Idea

If you have a Cricut Mug Press and need ideas for how to use it to create custom gifts for everyone on your list, I’ve got you covered. Today I’m sharing another mug design and idea to help you prepare for the gifting season. Each week I share another fun Cricut Infusible Ink design to celebrate the special people in your life!

Materials Needed


  • Create your image or use my free design here.
  • Print and weed out the excess design.
  • Attach your design to the Cricut mug with the heat safe tape.
  • Insert the mug into the Mug Press.
  • Let the mug cool completely.
  • Remove the design.
  • Check for errors and admire your finished project.

Who would you share this design with or would you keep it for yourself? I’d love to hear!

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