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How to Identify Flowers from your phone


Have you ever walked through your yard and wondered what the flower or tree is? Some people just seem to know everything about trees, leaves, flowers and plants, but for the rest of us, we need a little help. Last weekend the kids were playing in the yard and discovered a bloom on one of our trees that we didn’t recognize. We were able to use this free app called LikeThat Garden to find out what it is and learn all about the tree.

tulip poplar 1

How to Identify Flowers from your phone

I downloaded this free app several weeks ago and have been testing it out. You simply take a picture of the flower or leaf and let the app tell you what it is.


The app will analyze your photo and give you the top matches for your flower or tree. Once you find the best match, you can click on the info button and read all about the flower.

IMG_6307 IMG_6309 IMG_6308

The app will give you the top choices telling you what it thinks is the best match for your flower or leaf. When I took a picture of the tulip style bloom in the tree, it brought up these choices.



You can then click on the info button to read all about the flower or tree. There is also an option to save the results in your favorite file so you can read all about it later on.

Now there’s no more guessing when I see a beautiful mystery flower in my yard.


Download LikeThat Garden on your mobile device from itunes.

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  1. This would be great if I could remember my password to the app store. Ugh, changing phones has been such a nightmare – I need this app!

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