Ideas to Celebrate your Hometown Pride

If you ask someone where they are from, most people will tell you their hometown or state with great pride! Hometown pride is something that people love to celebrate and show off. Being proud of your hometown and state is the same feeling that many people feel when they talk about their high school alma mater. There are strong emotions associated with your home that people love to display. Whether you are looking for t-shirt ideas, coffee mugs or wall displays, there are some amazing ways to show off your love for where you call home!

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Ideas to Celebrate your Hometown Pride

A few years ago I received a Cricut and started experimenting with keychains made out of faux leather. If you enjoy making projects with your Cricut, you can make a keychain with the shape of your state and celebrate your love for home each time you pick up your keys!

If you are skilled with woodworking, then you may be able to cut out the shape of your state and use it to decorate your home. I have a family member who created this Kentucky shape using reclaimed wood for a Christmas present. I love the way it turned out and enjoy it on the walls of my home.

Not skilled in woodworking? You can order your state wood shape from Amazon.

Coffee Mug – Well Told Designs

Celebrate your love for your hometown with a 13 oz glass coffee mug that is etched with a detailed map of ANY city or town in the U.S.! My husband and I both grew up in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky so this is a perfect way to enjoy our love for that city and our bluegrass roots.

There are many hometowns that are ready to order but if you have a city in the United States is not readily available, you can request a custom glass coffee mug order from Well Told Design.

The detailed engraved glass coffee mugs are designed and made with pride in the USA.

House the Birds

If you know how to make a birdhouse, then use an old license plate for the roof and celebrate your love for home each time you go out in the backyard. Don’t know how to make a birdhouse with a license plate? Just order one from Amazon or a local crafter!

Share your Hometown/State Pride

How many states have you visited? Do you have a good way to display your progress toward visiting all 50 states? Check out these great ways to count your travels!

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