DIY Candle Holders & Crafts


Don’t you love having candles burning in your house? Not only do they smell amazing, but they create such a welcoming atmosphere to any living room or kitchen. But using a plain old candle holder is just plain boring. Why not up the creative factor by decorating some of your plain little candle holders and turning your candles into statements of personality? What are your favorite ideas for candles? Here are several ways that some bloggers are using candles, wax & creativity to make their home more inviting.

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DIY Candle Holders & Crafts

Whether you want to create your own candles the old fashioned way using ice and chip cans or prefer creating a cinnamon stick candle holder, we’ve got some amazing ideas here for you.

*You can even buy candle making supplies on Amazon to make it easier to get started!

What’s your favorite ideas for candles? Do you like the stick candles, small tea candles in votive holders or do you prefer making your own? I’d love to hear your ideas for candles crafts and candle holders!

Mason Jar Crafts for the Holidays

Looking for other ideas for easy crafts and gifts you can make? Why not try these super cute ideas using mason jars!

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