“Ice Cream Fixes Everything” Infusible Ink Mug & Coaster

It’s almost time for summer break and people everywhere are going to be looking for ways to cool off. Add in busy schedules, work responsibilities, and family plans and sometimes you just need to eat ice cream and take a mind break. Why not take a few minutes today and make a simple infusible ink mug and coaster so you’ll be ready to enjoy a simple ice cream party? Make it even more festive with a matching infusible ink coaster so you can eat your ice cream without making a mess!

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“Ice Cream Fixes Everything” Infusible Ink Mug

Ok, we all know that ice cream won’t fix ‘everything’, but it sure is close. I used the pink lemonade infusible ink but you can use any color you want to create this fun mug and coaster set.

Materials Needed

Christmas in July


Create and print your design using your Cricut machine. Remember to select the infusible ink transfer sheet option and mirror your design.

*Turn on your Cricut Mug Press to preheat while you are printing your design.

Weed out the excess transfer ink and reveal your pattern. Save the extra icecream cones as you are weeding them out of your main design so you can use them for your coaster.

Attach your design to the mug using the heat transfer tape and insert into the Cricut Mug Press.

While the mug is in the Mug Press, use the extra pieces you weeded out of your mug design to design a matching coaster. For some fun added sprinkles, use your Infusible Ink Markers.

Add a layer of paper or old handkerchief between the coaster and your Easy Press and let it heat for at least 4 minutes. Test it around the edge to see if the infused ink has transferred. Remember that the coaster will be very hot and should be handled with great care as it cools.

Once your coaster and mug are cooled, it’s time for the fun! Pull the ice cream out of the freezer and enjoy a great summer treat!

Typically we use a bowl for ice cream, but using a mug is the best idea ever, in my opinion. Now you have a handle so you don’t have to hold the cold bowl in your hand directly!

Do you have a special mug that you use for icecream? I’d love to see if you make your own ‘Ice Cream Fixes Everything” mug and coaster!

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