I Love NYC Gift Ideas

Sometimes you visit cities that just capture your imagination and leave you craving more adventures. The one thing you really want is to spend time in your favorite city. But with travel restrictions, work responsibilities and the busy schedules of life, it’s not feasible to just drop everything and head to the big city. New York City is one of those places that many people dream about visiting and revisiting over and over. If you or someone you know can’t get enough of New York City, then these gift ideas are for you! Get started shopping now so you can have the perfect gift ready for the holiday season!

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I Love NYC Gift Ideas

One of my favorite trips to NYC was when my daughter was in 5th grade. The two of us flew to the Big Apple for a work trip and squeezed in enough memories to last a lifetime. We walked across Brooklyn Bridge, rode the Staten Island Ferry, saw the Statue of Liberty, visited the 911 Memorial, spent time in Times Square and ate ice cream in Brooklyn.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate my love for a special city is products from Well Told Designs. You can order these mason jar glasses etched with the map of the city of your choice. What a great way to celebrate New York City each time you drink a glass of tea or lemonade!

There are so many amazing ideas for celebrating your love for your favorite city. Check out these fun gift ideas to help remember your favorite trip to New York City!

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