How to Travel Responsibly after Quarantine

All around the country, we are seeing plans for reopening the country and starting to resume a more normal pattern of life. It’s may not be here yet, but the time for travel is coming! If you know me at all, you know that I am counting down the days till we can pack our van and head out on a road trip. But as excited as I am about traveling again, I’m also cautious and want to ensure that our family is doing our part to travel responsibly after quarantine.

How can we satisfy our need to experience new things while also protecting ourselves, our family, and the people we will encounter on our adventures? Although I’m no expert on science or health, I do have plans and ideas to help us all travel safely and responsibly in the coming months!

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Use Common Sense

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to. As things start to reopen, be smart about what you choose to do and when you take your first road trip. If you don’t feel like it’s safe for you and your family, then avoid the activity. Follow the recommended guidelines for keeping germs at bay like washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and wipes. You are responsible for your own safety, so use common sense as you make your travel plans.

Leave Nothing Behind

When you start visiting parks, picnic areas, and outdoor areas, remember to take out whatever you carry in. Don’t leave your trash or litter for someone else to pick up after you. Keep a trash bag in your vehicle so you can wipe off the handle at the gas pump or throw away your trash along your trip.

Plan for Restroom Limitations

Remember that there may be limited places to stop for bathroom breaks due to store and gas station restrictions. Think about where you will stop for restrooms before you hit the road on an extended trip.

Pack Your Snacks

Don’t rely on restaurants or gas stations for snack food. Plan ahead and pack your snacks and drinks with you since you may not be able to buy food along the way.

Call Ahead

Before you visit a new park, city or attraction, call ahead and make sure you know what to expect. There may be limited hours or restrictions that you need to know before you arrive.

Be Patient with Others

Not everyone is in the same place when it comes to traveling. If you see others who are exercising more social distancing than you are, make sure you honor their space. If you see tourists who are congregating in areas and you feel uncomfortable, then move away from them. Give other people the space they need and be patient with others while you are traveling.

Be Your Own Housekeeper

When you arrive at your hotel, don’t assume that the room is clean. Take your own sanitizing wipes and spray so you can clean the surfaces before settling in for the night. Do your own part to ensure that your lodging area is clean and germ-free.

Going on a road trip after this extended quarantine is a new experience and different for everyone. Do your part to be a responsible traveler and make good choices on your upcoming adventures.

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