How to Take Pictures of Animals


While we were taking a Dolphin Cruise aboard the Southern Star in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, we had the opportunity to take pictures of dolphins swimming near our boat. The things I experienced trying to get the perfect shot of the dolphins apply to any animals – whether you are getting pictures of the horses in the back field or your new puppy. Here’s a few tips for how to take pictures of animals.

How to Take Pictures of Animals

You can read all about our cruise here.

Taking pictures of animals takes a little skill and a lot of luck. But there are some things you can do to get the perfect shot.

Tips for taking photos of Animals

Be ready!

Have your battery charged, your lens cap off and your camera around your neck and in your hand.  On the  cruise, the captain would give us a heads up as to which side to be watching.  This gave us a few seconds warning so we would at least be looking in the right direction.

Know your camera.

Some cameras take really slow shots.  If you know that your camera needs a little ‘lag time’, then push the button right before you see the best shot.  Some cameras have a ‘sports mode’ that takes continuous shots in milliseconds.  The resolution may not be as sharp but you may get a better picture.

Take lots of shots

It just makes sense.  The more shots you take, the better chance you have of capturing an amazing image!

Try taking a video clip.

Sometimes your best option is to just push the video button and try to capture a memory.  I took about 8 video clips while on the dolphin cruise and got this fun clip.  I was able to capture the mood of the moment – the music playing in the background, the wind blowing through my daughters hair and her excitement when the dolphins surfaced!

I googled to find out what the professionals have to say about taking pictures of animals.

What’s your best tip for taking pictures of animals?  Have you gotten any amazing shots?  I’d love to see and hear from you!

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