How to Take Family Game Night on the Road


We’ve always loved playing board games and card games but sometimes it is not really convenient to take the games with us when we travel. Since we love to travel and see new places, we have figured out some tips for taking family game night with us on the road. Bonus: Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to see how you can WIN your own games to enjoy on your next Family Game Night!

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How to Take Family Game Night on the Road

If you are planning your next road trip and want to make sure you have plenty of games ready for your next family game night on the road, then there are several things to remember.

Pack the right games

Not all games are perfectly suited for travel or road trips. There are some games that need lots of room and plenty of time to be able to properly enjoy. Keep those games at home in the game closet and enjoy them when you are ready to pop some popcorn or drink hot chocolate.

But there are other games that are perfect for travel. We always keep a pack of Rook cards in the car so we can bring them out when we have a rainy night in a hotel or find ourselves with some down time between adventures.

By planning ahead, you can be guaranteed to have everything you need to take family game night on the road.

Pack the Tools Needed

Family Game Night Box
  • Portable Games
  • Extra Rubber bands
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Pad of Paper
  • Container with a lid that can be used to contain dice

The best games for travel are games that don’t involve lots of pieces. Card games like PIT, Rook, Scattegories or Moose Caboose are perfect for playing on a picnic table at a Rest Area or enjoying with cousins at a family reunion while the adults are telling stories.

You can even enjoy games like Yahtzee in the car if you use a container with a lid that has ridges. That will keep the dice from rolling off into the floor and getting lost.

Make sure you keep a couple extra pens and pencils along with a pad of paper in the game box so you will be ready to keep score when the games get intense!

Think about games that don’t involve multiple people. When we travel, we like to keep a Rubik’s cube, Twist or 2×2 cube in the car that can be passed around whenever one of us get a little bored or antsy. Since no one in our family can really conquer the typical Rubik’s cube, we have tried several options over the years. Right now our current favorite is the 2×2 cube. We leave it on the counter or toss it in the glove box so we can just pass it around and keep trying to finish at least one side!

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  • Rubik’s Twist
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  1. we love taking card games on vacation! around the dining room table love board games…we dont have too many…we have sorry and payday

  2. My kids all love to play Phase 10 so we always take that deck of cards with us on vacation and play at night.

  3. Since we don’t travel too often, we definitely prefer to play games at home on our dining room table! We try to have family game night weekly!

  4. We love taking travel bingo with us in the car to play! We do love playing games at our table….during the winter months, we play one game every night after dinner! He thinks this is so fun…I always let him pick which game….our favorite time of the day!

  5. Our favorite game to play is Car Trip Bingo!

    I found these little board games at Kroger for $2 & it has been a hit since day 1!

  6. I think you have some good questions. When our group of girls go we have each person take certain things each getaway. So the question we ask is who’s bringing suntan lotion, beach chairs, etc.

  7. We prefer to play games at home, but on a road trip we often just ask the questions from the game “Would you rather…”

  8. We like to play games actually on our living room floor. My son has his favorites and we play about two times each game.

  9. Scattergories for sure! For vacations or trips we like to take games on our phone like Heads Up! Which is fun for a group. We also like to take cards!

    I love to play games at home and when with family such as around the holidays!

  10. I would rather play games in my home or someone elses. It is a favorite wintertime passtime of ours. We play several-each time someone different gets to choose.

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