How to Save Money on Photo Prints


Do you have all your photos stuck on your phone? If you are like me, I used to share my pictures on Facebook or email them to family and then just forget about them. But last year I started making a conscious effort to print my favorites and display them in my home. If I love a picture, I should have it printed so I can enjoy it, right? If you think it costs a fortune to print your images, then take a look at these easy ways to save money on photos.

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How to Save Money on Photo Printing

On the stairwell wall going down to our basement, I have the kids artwork and lots of picture frames displayed. Since I have to go up and down those stairs regularly, then I think I should have things that make me smile when I’m using the steps. One of my favorite frames I have on the wall is a hanging interchangeable photo frame that can be switched out easily.

The #1 way to save money on photo books and prints is to always start at Mr Rebates or Ebates. With one simple extra step, you can earn a rebate on every single purchase. Get full details for all these programs work.


Sign up for a free Shutterfly account here and get a free photo book (pay only shipping). Then use the free app on your phone and get unlimited free prints!


Sign up for a new Snapfish account and get 100 free prints.


Have your Instagram printed into books and sent to you automatically. If you find that creating photo books takes too long but you want to have a print copy of your Instagram memories, then Chatbooks may be for you!

Every time your Instagram account gets 60 photos, it will automatically set up a shipment and notify you that your next volume is ready.

You can change your subscription service at any time.
Books are $8.00 each (for 60 photos in the book).


Order your pictures, wedding invitations, save the date cards or even stamps with custom pictures from Sign up using this link and get $25 off your first order!

Do you print your pictures or leave them on your phone or device? What is your favorite photo printing service? Do you have any tricks to help you save money when you print? I’d love to hear!

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