How to save Marigold Seeds

Did you know that marigolds are some of the easiest seeds to save and plant year after year? As a child, we would harvest literally hundreds of marigolds each year that we would store and plant the next year. Now that I have my own gardens and yard, I still save marigold seeds each year so I’ll be ready to plan again in the next season. If you have never thought about saving these seeds, you’re going to love how easy this process is.

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How to Save Marigold Seeds

The most important thing to remember when saving flower seeds is that you need to have enough patience to let the flowers completely dry out. You want each flower head to be almost black and crispy. I typically keep a mason jar close by in the garage and go out a few times a week this time of year and pick off the heads that are ready for saving.

Pick off the dry flower heads and then crumble them in the jar. Each flower head will have dozens of seeds which means you will quickly fill your jar with just one pot of marigolds.

Imagine how many more flowers you’ll have next year when you have so many seeds.

I’ve heard some people say that they think marigolds stink but I absolutely love their cheery color that shines as summer melts into fall. They are also reportedly good to plant near your garden or patio as a natural deer and mosquito repellant.

There are many flowers that have the same type of seed collection. Some of my current favorites are zinnias, coneflowers, and calendula. My jars of seeds are getting full and ready for a new summer planting season!

Do you love the cheery marigold flower? Got any fun memories of collecting these seeds like I do? I’d love to hear!

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