How to Repurpose Canning Lids

If you have been canning very long, then you probably have canning lids that are rusted, bent or no longer usable for canning vegetables. What do you do with those canning lids when you can’t use them? Here are some fun ideas to repurpose the lids into Christmas ornaments, Fall decorations and home decor!

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How to Repurpose Canning Lids

Canning Lids can be upcycled using paint, twine, fabric, felt, resin or even photos. Just put out a few craft supplies and use these ideas to get you started creating something amazing!

Fall Decor

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Decor

Home & Garden Decor

How do you repurpose canning jar lids? Got any fun ideas?

Looking for another simple DIY crafty decoration? How about these yarn pumpkins?

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