How to Remember Birthday Cards

Birthdays are important events in everyone’s life. My uncle always says that your next birthday is the most important one you will ever have – that means we should celebrate every birthday in a big way. When the kids are young, it’s easy to remember their birthdays with a card, balloons, and presents. But as the family gets older and moves apart, it’s harder to remember to buy cards and get them mailed out on time. Then you add in the nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and it can get expensive. Here are some of my favorite ways to ensure you never forget a birthday card again.

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How to Remember Birthday Cards

People have been sending birthday cards all throughout history. Whether you choose to automatically send birthdays with a service online, buy them in the store or make homemade cards with your Cricut cutting machine, there’s just something special about getting a birthday card that has been signed and sent with love.

Buy Your Cards

The key to sending out cards successfully on time all year is to have a good stash of cards to start with. You can either go to your local card store and buy a big stash of cards or use an automatic birthday card service.

Do you love the idea of handwritten birthday cards but just don’t have the energy to go buy the cards, write the messages and take them to the mailbox? You might prefer to have a service automatically send birthday cards for you. Check out Handwrytten which allows you to type your custom message and then converts it into a handwritten style font. You can then just hit pay for the card and hit send. Your birthday card will be printed and delivered in the mail for you.

Get Organized

No matter how many cards you buy, if you can’t find them when you need them you won’t be saving money or reducing the stress in your life. You can use a pencil pouch, decorative basket, or plastic shoebox. Just find something that will let you stack the cards so you can send them on time.

Label All the Cards

Spread out all the cards and start picking out the best card for each person on your list. Once you decide on the card, go ahead and address the envelope and sign the card. If you find that you don’t have the perfect card for someone on your list, make a note to buy it next time you go to the store.

Tip: Mark the birthday AND the mail date in the top right corner where the stamp will cover it. That way you can easily see when it needs to be mailed in order to get there on time for the birthday!

Buy Stamps Now

One of the reasons birthday cards don’t get sent on time is that there are no stamps at home. Now is the best time to go purchase a book of stamps and store them with your cards so they’ll be ready to send on time.

Designate a Mailing Spot

No matter how organized you are in preparing all the cards at one time, if you forget to mail them, then you accomplish nothing. We have a designated spot on our bookshelf where we put letters that need to go to the mailbox. When it’s time to mail the birthday card, put it on the designated mailing spot so whoever is headed out next, will take it to the mailbox.

Do you shop for birthday cards a year in advance? Got any tips to keep from getting to send birthday cards? I’d love to hear how you plan your birthday greetings!

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