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How to Recycle Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

For the past few weeks we have been exchanging Christmas cards with friends, family and coworkers. It’s a holiday tradition that many of us participate in every year. We display the cards on the door, wall or in a basket and enjoy them all season long. But what do we do with the cards after the Christmas season? Here’s a super simple idea for turning these cards into gift tags that we can enjoy next year!

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How to Recycle Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

This year I used ribbons and clothespins to display all the Christmas cards. I simply looped them over the door and enjoyed them all season long.

This is not an original idea with me. My Grandma regulary used recycled cards in her gift bags but I usually forget to save them. But this year as I was putting away my Christmas decorations, I decided to create gift tags so I can enjoy these Christmas cards next season as well.

I pulled out my Cuttlebug and dyes so I could slice out the shapes that best fit each design. If you don’t have a Cuttlebug, there are several other dye cutting machines that will easily do this process.

How did I decide which shape to use for each card? I simply let the designs dictate what worked best for each one.

Now I have a whole stack of custom gift tags ready to use next season. This hits all the right notes for me: I’m reusing something instead of throw it away plus I get to think about the people who sent these cards in the mail!

Have you ever recycled your Christmas cards and used them for gift tags?

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