How to Prep for Summer Guests

Do you have big plans for summer guests this year? With the rising price of gas, many people may be rethinking long road trips that involve long hotel stays and instead start focusing on spending time with friends and family in their own backyards. Get ready for summer guests with these tips and help ensure a great experience for your family and your friends.

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How to Prep for Summer Guests

Having summer guests can be stressful or super relaxing. It all comes down to setting the right expectations and doing a little prep work. Here are some tips to help ensure a great experience!

Puzzles & Games

Not everyone has the same idea of a fun evening at home. Stock a basket with a wide array of puzzles and games so that there is something for everyone. Simple games like Dominos, Rook, and Pit are great for the game night but also have some specialty puzzles if your guests prefer to use the creative side of their brain. I’ve even added a few Revell 3D puzzles for variety. The smaller 3D puzzles are great for summer guests because they don’t take a long time to build.

Classic Toys for Young Kids

If you know your guests have young children, then you might want to provide some toys for them to enjoy. A simple ride on push and scoot is a great addition to a family room or basement area to keep young children entertained while the adults play cards or work puzzles.

This Hape Scoot-Around Balance Bike is perfect for outdoor or in-home scuff-free riding. The four-wheel push-bike is a great size for a young toddler just learning to ride and balance.

Extra Toiletries

We always keep extra toiletries available when we have guests in case someone forgets the basics or drops their toothbrush on the floor. Extra toiletries don’t take up much space but can really go a long way in making your guests feel comfortable.

Flashlight & Chargers

Have a nightlight available to help your guests navigate your house in the dark and of course keep a flashlight beside the guest bed in case the power goes out unexpectedly. Provide an extra power block to make it easy for your guests to charge their phones without having to go searching for an outlet.

Easy Food Options

Feeding your summer guests should not be a stressful thought. Pull out classic recipes or meals your family enjoys and then take it up just a notch. One of our favorite dinner meals is a big breakfast. There’s just nothing better than a plate of bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy after a long day of activity. Recently we discovered The Baconer – a Bay Area family-owned business specializing in one glorious product: BACON. Check out their selection of extra thick butcher cuts that just melt in your mouth! While you’re there, order some of the specialty Candied Bacon Rub that combines a sweet and savory blend of brown sugar, California chile and black pepper.

Having summer guests doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be the most fun you’ll have all season! What are your favorite tips to get ready for summer guests? I’d love to hear!

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