How to Plant Hens and Chickens


A few weeks ago, a neighbor gave me a small start of hens and chickens. I have seen and admired these on other people’s porch, but never had my own. I left them in the milk jug for a few weeks and let them just continue to grow. But a few weeks ago I picked up a terra cotta pot and transplanted my starts. Now they are growing in their new home on my back yard.

How to Plant Hens and Chickens

I had a hard time finding a terra cotta pot for my starts. I finally found a 1 gallon pot for less than $5.00 at a gardening store nearby. I came home and dug a shovel of gardening soil and filled the pot. I added a start of the hens and chicks in each opening. Now I am just enjoying them and hoping they will grow.

How to Plant Hens and Chickens

I don’t know alot about Hens & Chicks, so I did what I always do when I inherit a new plant or flower – I did a google search.

Some Helpful Links

How to Plant Hens & Chicks

Easy Container Plants – Use a wheelbarrow or seashells

Growing Hens & Chicks Cactus Plants

Do you have any tips or helpful suggestions for my hens and chicks? I’d love to hear!

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