How to Pick the Perfect Hammock

There’s just something special about spending a lazy afternoon day out in a hammock, reading a book or watching an intense game of corn hole at a family reunion. But have you thought about how many other times in our life a hammock is the perfect thing to have? Last year, my kids each got a portable hammock for Christmas. We never dreamed that these things would be used so much. So this year, when I was thinking about Christmas gifts, I decided to share a few tips to help you pick the perfect travel hammock.

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How to Pick the Perfect Hammock

Many of us have grown up with a hammock in the backyard hung between two big trees but up until recently, most of us didn’t realize how practical a portable travel can be. You can now buy a sturdy hammock that will easily hold a grown adult (or two) and can be hung in any park, campsite, home basement or backyard.

Tree Hugger Straps

Most portable hammocks come with environmentally friendly tree-hugger straps that wrap around the tree without causing any damage or making any holes. These straps make hanging the hammocks a simple task. You simply wrap the strap around the tree and then clip on the hook or tie a quick knot.

Skill level to use tree hugger straps: Basic! If you can wrap the strap around a tree and pull one end through the other loop, you are set.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition

Carry Case for Hammocks

Travel hammocks typically come in a small carry bag and weigh less than 3 pounds. This allows you to easily toss them in your car, backpack or take them in a suitcase on a trip. Most of these hammocks don’t even require you to fold or work hard to get them back in the bag. Think of the bag as a stuff sack that you can literally just stuff the hammock in, tie it up and go!

Hennessy Hammock travel bag

About the Hennessy Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Classic Hammock is a super-shelter: it is a tent, a hammock, a chair, and a lounger all in one! Weighing only 2 lbs 9 oz, this is the most popular Hennessy Hammock model with patented features including mesh pocket on ridgeline and webbing straps to protect the bark of trees.

This is an all-purpose hammock – great for backpacking, family camping, expeditions, kayaking, motorcycling, and any other purpose, which requires comfort and durability at an affordable price. Height limit: 6′ tall / 180 cm Weight limit: 250 lbs. The Asym Classic has a bottom entry and velcro closure.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition

Options for Attaching to Straps

Some hammocks come with carabiners or hooks that you can use to attach to the tree hugger straps. Other hammocks like the Hennessy Hammock rely on simple knowledge of how to tie a knot. If you don’t know how to tie basic knots, then do a quick search on YouTube and learn this potentially lifesaving skill.

Think about Access

One thing to think about when you purchase a hammock is how you are going to get in and out of the hammock. Most hammocks simply require you to open up the fabric and climb in from the top, but the Hennessy Hammock has a velcro opening from the bottom so you can basically just sit down and enter from the bottom. This makes it easier to get in and out of the hammock when you want to hang it a little higher off the ground.

Do you want a net?

One problem when you are out enjoying the outdoors is bugs and mosquitoes. If you hate to have mosquitoes and gnats bother you while you are reading or sleeping in your hammock, then you may want to buy one that has mosquito netting.

All Hennessy Hammocks come complete with attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and stuff sack with set-up instructions on the back. Your Hennessy Hammock also includes complimentary standard 42” long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps to protect the bark of trees (weighed separately from the hammock).

Hennessy Hammock Expedition

Rain Protection

If you have ever been camping in the rain, then you know how it feels to be all cozy and dry while listening to the rain pitter-patter on the tent. With a rain fly, you can easily keep yourself dry while relaxing in your portable hammock. If you plan to do any overnight camping in your hammock, then a rain fly is a must.

Do you have a portable hammock that you use? What are your favorite features? I’d love to hear!

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