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How to Pick the Perfect Carry-On Bag

Whether you are planning a business trip or family vacation, having the perfect carry on bag is an important part of the planning. You need something that will carry all the essentials and keep you organized but still be small and light enough to fit through security and not hurt your back. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect carry on bag!

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How to Pick the Perfect Carry-On Bag

We have logged many thousands of miles with the family over the past few years. We rotate what we carry based on where we are heading and what our needs are. Sometimes we only use backpacks; other trips require full luggage options.

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For each trip, we constantly evaluate our needs and try to pick the perfect size bag. You can’t quite tell based on this picture, but our suitcases are worn out. The zippers are broken, there are rips and tears on some of the pockets and the lining is frayed. It’s time for us to find new luggage. Today, I’m focusing on the carry on with some tips to help find the perfect carry on bag!

Is it the right size?

Carry on bags must meet the size requirements for each airline but there are some standard sizes that will ensure you meet the guidelines for most carriers. Most carry on bags must be no larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches

It is always best to check with the individual airline before you pack your bag. Click here for a checklist of the major airlines and their size requirements.

Does it store the right items?

Think about what you need to carry for your trip. Do you need to carry your laptop? dress clothes? extra shoes? When we flew to California, we all wore our jeans, tennis shoes and jackets because we knew we would need them when we got to the west coast and drove up to the mountains, but we didn’t want to pay for extra checked baggage. By wearing the bulky clothes, we were able to carry smaller bags on the plane.

Carry on Bags are getting smarter. This carry on bag from Standard Luggage has all kinds of hidden pockets, slide out compartments and zip pouches. Since I always carry my laptop and chargers when we travel, I love this slide out feature that makes going through security a snap. With the padded attached sliding sleeve, my computer stays protected and accessible.

Is it comfortable to carry?

When you are navigating the long concourses in an airport, you may want to have wheels that let you push/pull your carry on bag along beside you. But wheels add bulk and extra size for your bag. It may be easier and more efficient to carry your bag as a backpack, messenger style bag or even just as a standard suitcase.

I am a big fan of the backpack style for my carry on bag. It allows me to keep my hands free for my phone, drink or ID.

Typically, you have to choose one style for your carry on but the Carry On bag from Standard Luggage lets you choose your preference on the go.

This bag is a 3-in-1 travel backpack, suitcase, and shoulder bag. Designed with concealable backpack straps, compartment dividers, and easy-to-carry handles. This backpack is a great companion to give you confidence on any journey.

It comes with an expandable capacity of 35 – 45L. The luggage and laptop compartments are separate. Our carry-on is here to help you save you time and money without the need to check your bag at the airport.

Carry on Bag – Standard Luggage

How do you pick your perfect carry on backpack? Got any tips to help make your decision?

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