How to Pick the Best Building Toys for your Child

Our kids have always enjoyed playing with their building toys. We started out with the megabloks and big chunky toys and continued to let their toys change and evolve as they grew up. Whether you have small children looking for their first building toy or older elementary kids ready to explore and learn about technology, I’ve got some great toy ideas and questions to help you find the perfect toy!

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Questions to Ask when Choosing Building Toys

  • Is it age approriate?
  • Does the toy fit their attention span?
  • Is it good for multiple kids?
  • Does it need batteries?
  • Is it educational?
  • Does it inspire creativity?
  • Is it portable?
  • Do you have a way to store it and not lose pieces?

Think about how old your child is and choose a building toy that will be safe and enjoyable based on the product guidelines. If they are small and put everything in their mouth, then LEGO blocks are not a good option. But as they grow, then the pieces can get smaller and the building plans more extensive.

Remember that small children have short attention spans. Think about how long your child can pay attention to a toy. Some toys are perfect for short play times, but other toys need longer blocks of time to accomplish and build. This Playmobil RC Crane set is perfect for the older child who is ready to build and explore with with remote controls and contruction plans.

Playmobil RC Crane

This functioning crane can hoist heavy building materials up and down and rotate up to 360° to the accurate location for building to continue. The RC function puts you in full control of the construction planning and building stages from a safe distance. Set includes two figures, RC compatible crane, RC remote, building materials, safety helmets and many other accessories.

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For young toddlers who are first learning about shapes, sounds and things that make noise, you may want to start with something simple like a shape sorter or basic xylophone.

Shape Sorter Xylophone and Piano encourages children to sort colors and shapes, and experience music by making wonderful Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So melodies! Each kit comes with five different brightly colored puzzle pieces that fit together to form a musical instrument. Match the puzzle pieces with their corresponding holes, and then press down or tap them with the included red baton to create sound. 

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No matter what age your child is, wooden building blocks are a standard toy to grow with. Choose simple sets that have different colors and basic shapes. Take the time to sit down with your child and help them explore new towers, castles and structures. For even more fun, add in some small plastic animals or characters to help develop stories.

My First Block Set comes with 80 block pieces in a variety of shapes and colors! These blocks will inspire hours of play and will encourage children to recognize colors and shapes as they build on their imaginations! 

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Looking to really step up your building toys adventure with your children? One year, my parents rounded up cardboard tubes from a local carpet store and built a full size lincoln log style cabin in their extra bedroom. Talk about upping the game!

Do you children love to play with building toys? What is your favorite? I’d love to hear how you and your kids are exploring and building!

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