How to Make Travel Keychains with Faux Leather

I love to travel and use travel decor in my home. We have a push-pin map that shows our travel progress and pictures of some of our road trip adventures. Recently, I have also been learning how to use the Cricut and discovered how to make faux leather travel keychains. This is one more way I can show my travel bug when I am out exploring.

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How to Make Travel Keychains with your Faux Leather

There are several easy options for creating keychains with your Cricut. This is one of the simplest ideas you can find. If you can print and cut with your Cricut, you can make any design you can imagine! All you need is some faux leather, a grommet kit (or key chain links), and some craft glue.

Materials Needed:


  • Choose a map image that you like.
  • Duplicate the image but flip it backward.
  • Cut both shapes making sure you set the Cricut to the proper cutting depth.
  • Glue them together.
  • Punch out a hole with your grommet kit and attach the grommet for your key ring.

Have you ever made key chains with faux leather like this? I’d love to see your creation!

Here’s another fun idea to create keychains with your Cricut Cuttlebug!

how to use the cricut cuttlebug to make faux feather keychains
Create keychains with your Cricut Cuttlebug
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