How to Make Soap Last Longer

Do you ever worry about how much Body Wash gets wasted when your boys spill it out in the shower? You want the guys in your house to smell good but you really don’t want all the good smelling soap going down the drain. When I was in Walmart last week, I saw that Irish Spring has a brand new line of body wash and bar soap. I decided to pick up some of the Signature line and come home and find some creative ways to help my boys use it.

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How to Make Soap Last Longer

Turn the Body Wash into Foam

One of the problems about giving my sons a bottle of quality body wash is the fact that it ends up getting poured out too quickly. Yes, I want them to actually use the product, but I do not want it to be poured down the drain. That’s where a foaming pump works great. I can mix a small amount of the Irish Spring body wash and a glass of water to create a foaming body wash.

irish spring foam 2

I picked up a hand soap foam dispenser when I was in Walmart so I could help the boys use their body wash without losing most of the soap down the drain.

irish spring foam

I love the fact that I only use a small portion of the Irish Spring body wash in the foaming pump. I can really help my guys get rid of the stinky without worrying about waste.

Make a No-Sew Soap Sock

Tired of the sticky icky messy soap bar in the bottom of your shower? No desire to create a full out ditty bag or soap sack? How about this no-sew Soap Sock? It takes about 2 minutes to create and lets you customize it for each of the guys in your family. I picked up some fuzzy socks in the clearance aisle last week so I could make a soap sock for each member of the family.


Materials Needed

  • Clean Fuzzy Socks
  • Rubber Band or plastic twist tie rope
  • Irish Spring Signature Bar


  • Drop a bar of soap inside the sock
  • Tie a knot with a rubber band or plastic twist tie
  • Use in the shower.

No more sticky, mushy bar of soap in the bottom of the tub!


What creative ways do you use to help your guys stay clean and smell fresh? Do you buy body wash or bars of soap? I’d love to hear your best tips!

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