Make Memories on Rainy Day Adventures

If you have been around Hobbies on a Budget very long, you know that we love to get out and explore. Sure, we prefer the days when the skies are blue with white puffy clouds, but when we are out on adventures, we can’t just stop because of unpredictable weather. When we are out exploring and it starts to rain, snow or the wind picks up, we have two choices. We can cancel our adventure and miss out on life or choose to adapt and create lasting memories. If you are more interested in creating family stories than picking perfect weather and want to make sure you are ready no matter what mother nature throws at you, here are some tips to help you make memories on rainy day adventures.

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How to Make Memories on Rainy Day Adventures

How to Make Memories on
Rainy Day Adventures

We have quite a history with family adventure days that did not deliver gorgeous weather. Another family trip, we arrived in South Haven, MI ready for a gorgeous day of adventure, when the rains and winds delivered a huge surprise! We didn’t let the weather stop us and discovered that South Haven is a perfect vacation spot, no matter the weather!

Family picture at South Haven Michigan Lighthouse

Our kids will never let us forget the family hike where we got lost on the trail with no snacks and it started to rain. We ended up snacking on blackberries as we crossed the meadow and worked our way back to the trailhead.

Then, of course, there was the time we were up on the top of Stone Mountain in Georgia enjoying a beautiful day and amazing views. But then the weather shifted and before we got to the bottom of the mountain, the skies had opened up and we were all soaked as we slid down the final steps.

hiking to the top of stone mountain

Our visit to Dollywood a few years ago was the coldest, wettest most nasty day of the season. But we had the best time exploring!

Dollywood Christmas in the rain

And of course, we will never forget our day at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington DC where we were rained on from the first moment we started toward the Metro, all the way through the Zoo and of course back through the city to the hotel.

Smithsonian Zoo in the rain - Washington DC

So here’s the question. How do you prepare for family adventure when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate? There are a few things you can do to make these days a success!

Things to pack for rainy day adventures

Gear for Rainy Day Adventures

If you are going to be out in the rain for an extended amount of time, then you want to do whatever you can to stay dry. We keep simple ponchos in the travel bag so we are ready to spend time outdoors when the rain starts. But if you are going back and forth between indoor shows or attractions, it may be better to just hand everyone an umbrella.

Don’t forget to keep your valuables dry as well. We always carry a backpack when we are out exploring, whether we are doing a walking tour of a large city, at a zoo or on a hiking trail. But not all backpacks are waterproof or able to keep valuables dry. We recently received this waterproof, Scrubba Stealth Bag, that not only keeps our valuables dry when we are out exploring and rain starts, but it also doubles as a portable washing machine. Because we all know how muddy your clothes can get when you are out exploring in the rain!

If you need the washing machine feature, you simply empty out your contents, dump in your dirty clothes plus a little bit of laundry detergent and seal it up with the simple fold and clip system. Then you scrub it back and forth by hand for a few minutes. Drain out the water, rinse and let dry.

The Scrubba Stealth Pack is a weatherproof backpack and wash bag. It features a visibility window, gear loops and a side handle for easy handling. The internal washboard allows you to not only carry your clothes but wash them too — just turn the bag inside out to dry after washing. The Stealth Pack features adjustable shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and an extra-large twist valve. The lightweight stealth pack offers greater functionality for travelers, outdoor adventurers, and eco-commuters by combining the signature internal washboard with several new features to enable innovative stealth functions for:

Rainy Day Check List

  • Umbrella
  • Ponchos
  • Waterproof Backpack
  • Ziploc baggies
  • Rain Jacket

When the weather changes and you find yourself on rainy day adventures, sure you can call it a day and cancel your fun, or you can just gear up and keep on exploring. What do you choose when this happens to you?

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Here are some tips for enjoying a day at the zoo when the weather doesn’t cooperate!

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