How to Make Books out of Bricks


Have you seen the brick books that people are creating and using to decorate their gardens? Recently, I decided to take some old bricks that were out in the barn and try to create a new garden piece of decor celebrating one of my favorite hobbies – reading! The beauty of this craft is that is very forgiving! If you make a mistake, just repaint it and start over! Here are the directions for creating these easy books out of bricks for your garden!

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How to Make Books out of Bricks

I love reading and have always enjoyed getting lost in the pages of a classic book. This year I have read 21 books and am well on my way to my goal of 24. I think I’ll have to adjust that goal soon since I am already so close! But for now, I’ll celebrate the love of reading with these brick books!



Prepare the Bricks

Choose the bricks you want to use for your books. They don’t have to be perfect rectangles. You can bury the broken end in the dirt and hide those spots.

Paint the Bricks

Spray or paint one side and one top end white for the pages of the book.

Spray the other sides of the brick the color of your choice to form the binding of the book. If you are worried about overspray, you can touch it up with a brush or tape it off for a more precise edge.

Design your BookBinding

Use a sharpie to draw your bookbinding design. Simple is better! I tried multiple things before I realized that I was being overcomplicated. A simple stripe with a hint of a fleur-de-lis or open book worked better than our elaborate idea of using a stencil and painting on full titles.

Draw Page Lines

Using a Black fine point Sharpie, draw page lines on the top and side of your book. There’s no real right or wrong to draw the lines. Since the eye sees what it expects, then you are simply giving the illusion of pages.

Place in Garden

Place them in your garden where you can enjoy them. I have a feeling that we will be rearranging our ‘book shelf’ periodically depening on how the flowers start to grow.

Have you ever painted bricks to create books in your garden? Got any tips or pictures to share? I can’t wait to have family over soon to show off our new outdoor brick bookshelf!

Looking for another easy idea to decorate your yard? How about a DIY Directiional Sign using an old pallet and some stencils from your Cricut?

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  1. That was a great way , by spraying the bricks. The only thing I found out was the Sharpies turn purple in the sun. Is there another kind of pen that won’t turn purple? Or a clear spray that has UlV to protect against color fading?

  2. Great idea. I’ve been trying to think of what to do with one brick. I saved it from a friend’s home which was destroyed by a tornado.

  3. I enjoyed watching the progress of your books. I love to read and garden, too! ‘I somehow need to make a sewing machine, too!😊

  4. What a lovely way to combine 2 things I love. Reading and gardening.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea. I will be trying it soon!!

  5. Love this and will try it, I have a few bricks behind the shed that I have NO idea where they came from. How does the sharpie marker hold up in the rain?

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