How to make a Yarn Octopus

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Many of us remember as kids making crafts out of yarn. I had a cat that a friend made me that stayed on my bed for years. We made little yarn dolls and of course the ever popular yarn octopus. But my kids have never made them. So earlier this week, my daughter needed something fun to create.

I didn’t want to go buy a kit from the store so I just pulled from an old time favorite. Here’s how to make a yarn octopus. Let’s get started making more memories with our kids!

How to Make a Yarn Octopus

I was set and ready to enjoy craft time with my daughter! The bonus part is that it didn’t cost me a penny!

Yarn Octopus

Materials Needed

Old Sock (or styrofoam ball)
Skein of yarn (your choice color)
Contrasting yarn color for ribbons
8 rubber bands (optional)


Cut Two 10 inch pieces of your main yarn
Roll your sock into a ball

Wrap the entire skein or ball of yarn around your arms. You should keep them spread apart about 3 feet so your octopus will have long legs.

Yarn Octopus
Gathering Supplies and wrapping the yarn

Wrap one of the individual 10 inch pieces of yarn around the middle of the yarn and tie a tight knot.
Cut the loops on each end.

At this point you have made a great wig if you need it. We did this a few years ago with black yarn to make Captain Jack’s wig for Halloween.

Place the sock ball inside the yarn so the knot is on his head.
Use the 2nd 10 inch piece of yarn to tie off his neck and give him a head.

Divide the yarn into 8 sections.
Braid each leg.
Use a rubber band to secure the braid. (optional)
Tie a contrasting ribbon or yarn on each end.

Yarn Octopus
Making the legs

For the eyes I used blue yarn. I just looped it around a piece of the yarn on the head and tied a secure knot. Then I trimmed off the excess.

For the smile, I looped a piece of blue yarn through the middle and tied a knot. Then I attached each end to the outer part of the smile and secured it with a knot – trimming off excess.

Yarn Octopus
Making the Face

Guess what we’ve got planned for later this week? A whole family! My son wants a green octopus and I think my daughter wants to make another one so her pink octopus will have a friend! Sure glad this is an easy, cheap craft!

What do you think? When’s the last time you made an octopus out of yarn? I’d love to hear your memories or see your newest creations you make with the kids in your life!

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  1. How much yarn did you use? I wrapped mine using the whole skein and it was way to much. I appreciate hearing how big the skein should be.

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