How to Make a Pop Up Book

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Have you ever wondered how to make a pop up book like you see in the bookstores? It can be done much easier than you may think. Sure, there are some really fancy pop up books, but kids can have a whole lot of fun with nothing more than some paper, scissors and a little imagination. This past week, my daughter discovered a whole new world

How to make a pop up book

How to make a Pop Up Book

The easiest way to start a pop up book is to take a piece of paper and cut 2 small equal slits. Then you fold in the piece that you just cut, giving you a 90 degree angle on the inside fold.

How to make a pop up book

You can glue creatures, pictures, or figures on the pop out folds to make them stand up when you open your page.

Tip: To create interest, make some of the cuts different widths and thickness. That will allow your creatures to pop up at different perspectives.

How to make a pop up book
how to make a pop up book

Once you have all your pages done, you can just glue the backs together to form a book. My daughter has about 5 pages done but not the cover. This is one of those projects that keeps getting more fun as she figures out new ways to do the pages and create the story.

pop up book

Want some help learning to make pop up books? Try this book from

Have you ever made a pop up book? Got any tips for making it even more fun? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Very Cool Natalie and Sharon. I cherish 2 pop-up books that Jeremy and Steven made in elementary school. (They were from books they read in class: “The 18th Emergency” by Betsy Byars, and “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”) In my children’s choir (3rd-5th grades) at church – we are doing a unit on God’s Creation this semester. We have searched the indexes in the hymnal on songs about Creation, plus have learned, and will perform in adult worship “Almighty Creator” from Awesome God C; learned and performed last week “Great Big Beautiful World;” and the kids will listen to James Weldon Johnson’s “Creation” from “God’s Trombones” in May. Each child is also making a Creation Pop-up book. Each page is a day in the creation from Genesis 1-3. We spend about 15-20 minutes of our rehearsal time each week working on the book. What fun! Thanks for posting this. -K

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